HBO comes up with another hit TV show in the form of following the stories of guests and staff at a resort in Hawaii. I was wondering what all the buzz was about when I noticed Reddit and Twitter trending about this new show called The White Lotus. I decided to give it a go, and binge watched the first season in two nights. This show is a combination of comedy and drama, and it does it well!

This show is a combination of comedy and drama, and it does it well!

Wizzard on The White Lotus

The White Lotus was filmed on location in Maui at the Four Seasons Resort at Wailea. The show is written and directed by Mike White (of School of Rock and Nacho Libre fame). The White Lotus follows the stories of guest and staff at a resort in Hawaii, and the stories are sometimes funny and sometimes shocking. The White Lotus is meant to be satire, and it definitely is.

Featuring an ensemble cast, with many well known actors and actresses, The White Lotus was perfectly cast. Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Steve Zahn, and Molly Shannon were the main highlights of the show. Their acting was on point. Murray Bartlett was excellent as Armond, the manager of the White Lotus resort. The show reminds me of what a tough job customer service can be at times. Watching Armond cope with the stresses of managing the hotel and taking care of customers are some of the best parts of the show, as you will either laugh or cry in shock from his actions.

Murray Bartlett at Armond

Equally amazing is Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid, a woman that seems to have gone crazy. She grieves over her mother, whom had recently died. Tanya interacts with the other guests of the hotel, constantly obsessed with her mother’s ashes, which she carried with her on the trip. She seemed to have taken a liking to Belinda (Natasha Rothwell), the spa manager of the resort. Their relationship blossoms as the show goes on, and is one of the best parts of the show. I found myself rooting for good things to happen to Tanya, even though at times she acts completely insane.

Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya

Alexandra Daddario does a great job playing Rachel, a recent newly wed on her honeymoon. Rachel has a story that some will either love, or completely hate as I had. Rachel is on her honeymoon, but starts to doubt if her marriage is really what she signed up for. She is annoyed at her husband Shane (Jake Lacy) over his behavior during the honeymoon, and shocked when her mother-in-law Kitty (Molly Shannon) shows up. Molly Shannon’s performance as Kitty is astounding, as she usually is with all her roles.

Alexandra Daddario as Rachel

The writer and director, Mike White, did an excellent job with this show. It is expertly written, and I found myself pulled in on every episode, wondering what things would happen next. All the guests and staff are somewhat connected in their stories on the resort. The show reminded me heavily of Pulp Fiction.

Mike White, did an excellent job with this show.

Wizzard on The White Lotus

By the end of the show, I realized what kind of people The White Lotus was trying to make fun of. The guests and staff had made fun of what it would be like as the rich and elite in the United States. Armond, the resort manager, said it correctly at the very beginning of the show to a trainee, “treat these guests like sensitive children”. It is true, most of these stories are the problems that only the very rich and elite in the United States (and maybe the world) would have to deal with. I think that’s why I found this so entertaining, I like watching that drama, especially when it is this funny.

The White Lotus is available now streaming on HBO Max.

My recommendation: A Must Watch

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