State of Play: Oct 27th

All the news, announcements and trailers from the October 27th show.

PlayStation's State of Play

We’ve brought all the news and announcements from Sony’s latest State of Play event. You can find all of the information down below.

Deathverse: Let it Die

Survive the brutal world of Deathverse: Let It Die, arriving next year on PS4 and PS5

“This game is set in the world after the events of Let It Die, where players fight for stardom in the survival TV reality show Death Jamboree. The show takes place in a virtual world known as the Deathverse, which was created by the Yotsuyama Group as a final destination for people’s souls.” – Sony PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

We Are OFK

We Are OFK: indiepop music biopic game revealed for PS5 & PS4

We Are OFK is a five-episode series, featuring:

  • Fully-voiced interactive dialogue from a star-studded cast
  • Emotional texting, thirst texting, emoji spamming
  • Five Interactive Music Videos premiering new songs by OFK

More info can be found here.

Bugsnax: The Isle of BIGsnax

Visit the Isle of BIGsnax in a free Bugsnax update coming next year

“Journey to a mysterious new island where the Bugsnax are truly enormous! You’ll need to master new mechanics like the Shrink Spice, which can cut the giant Bugsnax down to a catchable size. Joining you are Chandlo, Floofty, Triffany, and Shelda, who will explore both the island’s long-forgotten history, and more of their own personal stories.” – PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

New Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach gameplay revealed

“Security Breach is a first-person, survival horror game set in Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. You play as Gregory, a little boy who’s trapped inside overnight. Once the surprisingly robust Pizzaplex lockdown procedures go into effect, you must survive while you search for a way out. Let’s take a look at what you’ll be able to expect from Security Breach’s moment-to-moment gameplay.” – PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

Death’s Door

Death’s Door spreads its wings on PS4 and PS5 November 23

“We’ve had a lot of requests for this one, so I’m delighted to finally announce that we are bringing Death’s Door to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on November 23! Reception to the game has been overwhelmingly positive and we are looking forward to more players getting to journey through our dark and offbeat world as a bird with a sword.” – PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift speeds to PS4 in 2022

“KartRider: Drift is coming to PlayStation 4 for the first time next year, and you will be able to sign up and participate in the upcoming closed beta! KartRider: Drift is the latest generation in the KartRider franchise, which inherits the original Crazyracing KartRider’s fun and kart-racing mechanisms.” – PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

King of Fighters XV

King of Fighters XV open beta test announced

“Attention all SNK and KOF fans across the globe: Today, during State of Play, KOF XV’s newest character Dolores and the announcement of a KOF XV Open Beta Test was broadcasted worldwide! In this article, I’d like to talk a bit about Dolores, the upcoming Open Beta Test, and what makes KOF XV so awesome.” – PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

First Class Trouble

First Class Trouble – A survival guide to an AI uprising

“First Class Trouble is a social deception party game, which means communication with the other players is key. Unfortunately, it also means you can’t trust anyone. The situation may sound dire, and things can get chaotic quickly, but don’t panic yet (even if you catch on fire, or get shoved into a pool)! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you survive the wrath of C.A.I.N.” – PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

Star Ocean The Divine Force

Star Ocean The Divine Force announced for PS4 and PS5, coming 2022

“Star Ocean The Divine Force is developed by Square Enix and tri-Ace, and set to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2022. The game features a story that blends sci-fi and fantasy, a rich lineup of characters and side stories, a battle system delivering exhilarating combat with easy controls, and more.”  – PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

Little Devil Inside

A closer look at Little Devil Inside’s world map

“Hello everyone, we are proud to be a part of the latest State of Play and on behalf of the studio, I’d like to deliver a few dev notes to accompany our new State of Play trailer.”

“This is our very first reveal of the world map in Little Devil Inside, and our intention was to give you folks a look at how travel works by skipping through a typical mission in the game.” – PlayStation Blog

More info can be found here.

If you want to, you can watch the entire event in the video below.

Catch the highlights of the latest State of Play episode with the above quick video recap.

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