So… You like BR’s?

Do you like BR’s? Perhaps you’ve been grinding Warzone for the last 500 hours and need something else. Well then, this is the game for you!

Battle Royale (BR) games have plagued the industry for a good few years now – beginning with huge games like PUBG and Fortnite. With more BR games than ever, how do you keep them fresh and exciting?

It’s true, the formula is tried and tested – with more and more developers and publishers opting for the free to play model these days.

Free to play is cool and all – but that’s exactly it. It’s free to play. The only initial investment is your time and patience. And although playing a game that is free, is essentially…. risk-less (kind of), it’s normally the ones you pay for that innovate the space.

A New Kind of Battle Royale

Naraka Bladepoint has to be one of the most unique BR games out there right now. And although it is locked behind a pay wall, here is why you should play it:

  1. It’s fast
  2. You can play very aggressively
  3. Animations are weightless
  4. Close range encounters are a blast – and it’s where this martial arts game really shines
  5. Snipers leave much to be desired (thank god)
  6. Amazing character creator
Close quarters combat is INSANE

Funnily enough, there is a free trial for Naraka Bladepoint at the time of this article so you should dip in and check it out.

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