Naughty Dog Announce A New Board Game

Learn more about a brand new board game coming from the developers of Escape the Dark Castle, set in The Last of Us universe.

In a recent post on their blog, Naughty Dog announced the release of The Last of Us: Escape The Dark – a “new board game experience set within The Last of Us universe”.

Created by the team at Themeborne, players will work together to solve problems, overcome challenges and create new paths each time they play – so each gaming session differs from the last.

The Kickstarter campaign is due to go live on November 8th – which is promised to deliver a deeper look at the game and a chance for players to get their hands on a collectors edition of the game.

You might know Themeborne from their “Dark” series of other games such as Escape the Dark Castle – which features beautiful black and white illustrated chapter cards that are breath-taking to look at. Truly unique.

Are you excited to learn more about Joel and Ellie’s world? It is exciting to think about all the new ways that the narrative can be written by the team at Themeborne and I can’t wait to learn more on November 8th.

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