Mick Gordon Sheds Light On Difficult Work with id Software and DOOM Eternal

Mick Gordon releases a lengthy medium article defending his position in response to allegations made by id Software executive.

In a lengthy medium post, Mick Gordon highlights some of the horrowing experiences he went through when contracted to score DOOM Eternal. This post being a response, in his defense, to a statement made by Marty Stratton – an executive producer at id Software.

Marty lied about the circumstances surrounding the DOOM Eternal Soundtrack and used disinformation and innuendo to blame me entirely for its failure.

Mick Gordon – My full statement regarding DOOM Eternal
Insane crunch, completely inefficiency in project management – just some of the hurdles Gordon (left) had to overcome.

Gordon’s describes, in great detail, issues during his time on the project ranging from things like lack of feedback, obscured game development progression, missing or withheld payments, difficult last minute calls and purposeful means to essentially use music beyond the boundaries of his contracts after it had been discarded.

An email concerning a very tight deadline on a OST that was pre-ordered at least six months before he was contracted to work on it.

Gordon goes on to provide clear evidence that the aligations and blame for the “lacking OST” and creative difficulties made by Marty Stratton – are false and completely incorrect.

After reading the lengthy medium post, it becomes very clear that crunch is still a serious issue in game development nowadays and the stress it can put on individuals in a project is immense.

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You can read Mick Gordo’s full medium article here.

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